Things you should do when renting a vehicle

When You Are travelling, there is nothing more convenient than getting a rental car. it saves your time, energy, money and makes things simpler among other advantages. Even with so many benefits, car rental businesses have their ups and downs. Renting a vehicle is not as easy as it may seem. There are several factors that come to mind when you are thinking about renting a vehicle. You will have to consider the insurance, requirements and fuel methods and other things. Most rental dealerships have regulations that you are required to follow when the vehicle is in your hands.

The following tips will guide you when renting a vehicle

Prepay for your gasoline to make things easier

If you have to get to some place in a limited amount of time, you will not have enough time to stop at any gas station for fuel, you may end lat to the event or holiday. If you are travelling to a special or important event like going for a meeting, a wedding or catching a plane at the airport, you definitely do not want to risk it. Some rental dealerships will not offer you a refuelling option which is why you should be ready beforehand. The charge on refuelling is pretty high when it is offered by the rental companies.

Check out the routes in the area

If you are driving in a familiar environment, then you should not have any problem with the landscape. Going to the a new location makes it complicated, that its why it is important that you study the roads and infrastructure around the region. You never know when you will need an opportunity for fuelling or a break. You can check for common gas stations, motels and restaurants to make everything easier. Even though modern cars have a GPS and digital system, making the confirmation is the right thing to do.

Insurance is not needed

If you have an insurance cover for you vehicle, it is highly likely that you will not need to buy insurance for the rented vehicle. It is common for insurance companies to offer coverage for rented vehicles. You should check with your insurance provider for any coverage on rented vehicles. Full coverage guarantees you some coverage on the rentals. The company considers the rental as a temporary replacement of your vehicle.

Do not dismiss the discounts on rental cars

Most car rental dealerships have reward programmed set up for members of travel organisations and membership programmes. The AARP and AAA are commonly known to offer these types of rewards. You can join any financial and hobby travelling groups to enjoy these types of services. Some rental companies offer discount deals on special occasions and holidays.

Inspect the vehicle before leaving the rental garage

At times, you find that the rental companies have overlooked issues and damages with the vehicle. It is wise to inspect the car so the company won’t charge you for a pre-existing damage. You can ask the staff to double check the vehicle with you before you live. Take picture of the damages to ensure you have proof.

Common reasons to rent a car

There are many benefits to renting a car. Did you know that you can rent a car even without needing to won your own? Car rentals make it convenient for people travelling to work, holidays and other important events. If you are travelling in big groups, you can save the cost of using smaller cars and rent bigger one to make the work easier. Even though they have some strict conditions, they offer some major benefits.

Here us why you should rent a car

Get a fancy car for your wedding

It is very common for couples who have just wed to ride off or drive off to their honey moons in a fancy car. You have probably seen this in almost every wedding you have attended. Sometimes, your normal car won’t cut it because it does not look the part. The good thing is, rental cars are not that expensive and they won’t mess with your budget. Rental car services offer luxury cars and convertibles for weddings.

Make a plan for your high school reunion

Just like the wedding, you can arrive at your high school reunion in style and leave people staring. It is kind of the best way to arrive looking successful to the reunion even if you are not. Your local car rental should be able to offer you a nice car which is unique and affordable. You can check online and book before hand to make an assurance.

Use a cool rental to impress your date.

People who have not been to weddings or high school reunions may be more concerned about their dating life. There are many ways to take someone out on a first date, but have you considered impressing them with a luxury fast car rental? Fast cars are not easy t afford but they are fun and thrilling. Everyone wants to experience the rush that comes with driving a fast car. if you do not have one, what better way to get it than hire from a car rental agency? Anniversary dates could be fun with limo rides across the city.

Rental cars make all your trips super convenient

Professional business trips are tiring; you have to find a way to move around without overspending on cash. Rental cars have made it easier for travelling business man and women. Once your plane land, you can rent out a vehicle to travel to your destination. There are packages that allow you to pay for the hotel, plane and car rental all while saving some cash.

Rentals for road trips

Going for a road trip on a personal car is restricting; if you are many you will have to take several personal cars on the trip which is costly and boring. Rentals allow you to rent larger cars that can fit more people than your personal car. Rental cars will save you from the wear and tear on your own vehicle. You will also decrease the mileage on your car and prevents depreciation of the value. With a rental, you can save more gas and money by choosing a car with better mileage and less fuel consumption.

How to find an affordable car rental

Sometimes, you need a set of wheels to travel but you do not want to take your car for several reasons. If you are renting a car, you wouldn’t want to overpay when you are just using it for travel purposes. Some rental dealers are known to overcharge with disregard of the distant or location you may be travelling to. Since this is just a car for hire, you do not need to make extra costs for the simple transaction. Rental businesses everywhere have been made convenient and affordable to the middle and lower class individuals who cannot afford expensive rentals.

What is the best way to find affordable car rental deals? Check out the tips below on how you can rent a good car at an affordable price

Shop around

One of the very first things you should always do when you want to hire a vehicle is to shop around before making the final decision. With today’s technology, you will not have to walk into car dealerships to compare the different prices. Most car rental businesses have created online websites for advertisement and where customers can check for their prices online.

Look through several different websites and compare them, once you find the best you can book the vehicle through an online pre-payment method. The good thing about prepaying for a rental car is that you can get a refund if you change your mind within that a couple of days. Most rental companies will have a booking service where you book the vehicle but do not have to make the complete advance payment.

Underrated car rentals

Nowadays, most people prefer to hire rental companies that are commonly advertised on Tv commercials and the internet and they dismiss newer, local and unpopular rental dealerships. The truth is, the rental dealerships that most people don’t seem to talk about usually have the best deals. Small rental companies offer lower rates which can range up to 5% lower than the big dealerships.

Do you have a membership?

There are some memberships known to help save some money for people in car rental deals. If you have a membership to AAA and Costco you can get some of the best deals while renting a vehicle. Members can save an outstanding 8% on a rental deal and get an additional bonus and also incur no charges when there is an extra driver at the same time. Even the smallest percentage can make a great difference when it comes to car rentals.

Go economy

Rental cars for day t day activities should not cost you more than you can afford. If you have to rent a car and you simply do not have enough money the wise decision should be to go economy. One great thing about economy cars is that they are the cheapest among several rentals. The bad thing is, most people will opt for the cheaper economy cars so they are usually fully book most of the times. Instead of waiting until the last minute, you should pre-book; this ensures you have a vehicle during travel day and minimise the travelling struggles.

Clever car rental hacks to save on the cost

If you are not planning to spend your money on a flashy, expensive ride like a convertible, then there is no need to spend so much money on a car rental. Rentals are convenient when you want to travel from one point to another without using too much money and you can’t access your personal car for one reason or another.

Check out the following hacks for better rates

You can get a better rate even after booking a rental. Car rental bookings are very different compared to flights. When you book a flight, there is no way you can change it even when you see a cheaper offer later. With rented cars, the dealers have a period of time where you are allowed to change the bookings on a vehicle.  This means you can book several cars at different times and cancel them when you get the ultimate rates.

Use coupon codes to get lower rates. Most inexperienced people will book a rental without thinking twice. Before you book a car on a certain rental websites, you should check it out for discount and coupon codes. If it is not on the website, you can simply and politely ask for a code from their social media websites or make a Google search and if there is an offer, it is sure to come up. 

Take advantage of your group membership to enjoy some discounts. Members of some travel and hobby rentals get discounts on almost all popular car rentals. If you are a member on AAA, Costco, USAA, and AARP you are more likely going to qualify for a rental discount at any car rental. You will get special waivers for extra miles, extra drivers and youth driver fees. Group membership can offer you countless of discounts on one car rental trip. Ensure you ask for their specials before you make the payment on the car rental.

Book the car as a package to get some lower rates. This is a great way to save your money on the car rentals. If you are travelling for long distances, you can book a rental package that comes with a hotel or flight. You’d be surprised how the cost is lower and more affordable when compared to booking all three separately.

Inspect and take pictures of the car to be safe. Some dealerships will pass on inspection of a vehicle once they get it from their clients. This means if the car had some damages, the might pin it on you. This is why inspecting the vehicle before you pay for it is critical. You can do this with an employee in the dealerships to ensure everything is in place. If you notice some dents and scratches on the car, you can take picture and use them as referrals in case of anything.

Finally, do not let anyone overcharge you for the gas. Car rental companies will expect you to return the vehicle having a full tank. They give you a pre-payment option which will cost you much more than you need to spend. The best thing to do is find a gas station nearby and fill the tank yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages of car rentals

More people are adopting car rentals as much as they are taxis. Car rentals are perfect when you are going out for a family holiday, business trip, and honeymoon or just going for an errand. You can take a rental car to work or just everyday activities when your car has been involved in an accident, is under repair or has broken down. You can use car rentals in almost every situation. Just like all businesses, car rentals have both advantages and disadvantages. You should consider both when renting out a car for whatever reason.

Let’s look at the main car rental benefits

You can rent a car without owning a car

For a long time, people thought that renting a car required you to own one first, but that is completely false. You can rent a car without any records of car ownership. This makes it convenient for people living in areas where the common means of transport is public vehicles. On special occasion, you can rent a car. it is also convenient for people who can’t afford cars, have insecurity issues and face high fuel prices.

You can choose to rent a bigger car

The thing with taxis is that they are expensive and really limiting. Travelling in large groups is expensive when you are doing it with a taxi or your own vehicles. Smaller vehicles will need the whole group to travel in parts, which beats the whole purpose of the road trip. With car rentals, you can hire a bigger vehicle that will fit all friends or family members. Renting a bigger car is more fun and will save on the fuel and isolation during the trip.

Rental cars are perfect for holidays, vacations and trips

There are times when you do not want to use your vehicle for long vacations and trips because it is exhausting and can encourage wear and tear to your new vehicle. This is where the car rental comes in; you can hire a car and leave yours at home safe and sound. This gives you an opportunity to lower maintenance, repairs and other extra costs on your vehicle.

You can still get some millage while on your rentals

If you leave your vehicle at home but you want to increase millage or you want to improve the millage on your old vehicle, you can still do it through a rental car. Hiring a new vehicle will increase your miles while you are on vacation.

Below are some disadvantages

Rental companies have strict conditions

You will notice that almost all car renters have strict terms and conditions that you must adhere to as the client. This is the only way they can assure you will take care of the vehicle. At times, these rules can be tiring; like when you are on vacation and just want to have fun.

Some rental companies do not have a wide variety of vehicles

Certain occasions require some special cars even if they are rented. Occasions like honeymoons, vacations, weddings and other will need classy and affordable vehicles. The problem is, most renters do not have a variety and those who do always have some models always booked.