If you are not planning to spend your money on a flashy, expensive ride like a convertible, then there is no need to spend so much money on a car rental. Rentals are convenient when you want to travel from one point to another without using too much money and you can’t access your personal car for one reason or another.

Check out the following hacks for better rates

You can get a better rate even after booking a rental. Car rental bookings are very different compared to flights. When you book a flight, there is no way you can change it even when you see a cheaper offer later. With rented cars, the dealers have a period of time where you are allowed to change the bookings on a vehicle.  This means you can book several cars at different times and cancel them when you get the ultimate rates.

Use coupon codes to get lower rates. Most inexperienced people will book a rental without thinking twice. Before you book a car on a certain rental websites, you should check it out for discount and coupon codes. If it is not on the website, you can simply and politely ask for a code from their social media websites or make a Google search and if there is an offer, it is sure to come up. 

Take advantage of your group membership to enjoy some discounts. Members of some travel and hobby rentals get discounts on almost all popular car rentals. If you are a member on AAA, Costco, USAA, and AARP you are more likely going to qualify for a rental discount at any car rental. You will get special waivers for extra miles, extra drivers and youth driver fees. Group membership can offer you countless of discounts on one car rental trip. Ensure you ask for their specials before you make the payment on the car rental.

Book the car as a package to get some lower rates. This is a great way to save your money on the car rentals. If you are travelling for long distances, you can book a rental package that comes with a hotel or flight. You’d be surprised how the cost is lower and more affordable when compared to booking all three separately.

Inspect and take pictures of the car to be safe. Some dealerships will pass on inspection of a vehicle once they get it from their clients. This means if the car had some damages, the might pin it on you. This is why inspecting the vehicle before you pay for it is critical. You can do this with an employee in the dealerships to ensure everything is in place. If you notice some dents and scratches on the car, you can take picture and use them as referrals in case of anything.

Finally, do not let anyone overcharge you for the gas. Car rental companies will expect you to return the vehicle having a full tank. They give you a pre-payment option which will cost you much more than you need to spend. The best thing to do is find a gas station nearby and fill the tank yourself.